Iterate with marketing innovation to drive new growth or trial modern approaches.

Minno | Marketing Innovation LLC is a marketing consultancy and agency by Kristin Greyson and Scott Walldren. Two marketing leaders focused on the areas of incremental growth and innovation, digital transformation, and collaborative leadership styles.

Growth Marketing

The Minno team excels at growth marketing, employing data-driven strategies for remarkable success. Their deep understanding of consumer behavior and adept implementation of cutting-edge techniques consistently yield impressive results, setting them apart as standout figures in the dynamic realm of digital marketing especially.

Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative leadership styles are crucial to implementing effective growth and transformation goals. The Minno team harnesses the collective intelligence of teams, fostering innovation and propelling organizations towards sustainable expansion in the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

Digital Transformation

Known for their mastery of digital transformations intertwined seamlessly with growth marketing strategies, the Minno team is ready for the next evolution. Through their innovative approaches, they navigate businesses towards remarkable progress leveraging cutting-edge technologies and revolutionizing traditional practices.

Search Engine Optimization

While search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine management are part of an over-arching growth strategy, they are also complex and have unique advantages. Adept in these areas, the Minno team leverages strategic insights to optimize online visibility, driving organic growth and maximizing the impact of their digital initiatives.

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